Triumph Raw Riding Jean

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Triumph Raw Riding Jeans are straight cut, 4 pocket blue jeans with 2 additional zipper pockets on the front above jean pockets and a breathable Air-Mesh liner. Raw Riding Jeans come with CE certified to EN 1621-1 2-12 removable and adjustable D3o knee protectors and pockets to add CE certified D3o hip protectors. The premium quality 12oz shuttle loom selvage edge denim is 60% lined with PEKEV abrasion-resistant material. PEKEV is an aramid-based protective yarn, similar to Kevlar but combined with Polyethylene to make it not only thinner, lighter, and stronger but also more durable and more stable than pure aramid materials. Most aramid fibres degrade over time, accelerated by exposure to sunlight, washing, and the general flexing associated with normal wear. PEKEV on the other hand is not affected by UV radiation, bleach, detergents, washing, or moisture and has a much greater resistance to wear, meaning prolonged and more reliable performance. Unlike other aramids that retain heat and can make the wearer feel uncomfortable, PEKEV is breathable and has the ability to dispel body heat quickly, improving rider comfort. Over 10 years, the scientists behind PEKEV experimented with different spinning techniques and various fibre blends to perfect a yarn with incredible tensile strength which they have dubbed 'the world's strongest polymer'. These yarns are then used to create a dual-layer cross knitted protective fabric, which Triumph utilizes as a lining material to enhance their riding denim jeans. PEKEV lining is specifically engineered to protect the wearer against impact, abrasions, and lacerations in the event of an accident. When tested under EN 13595-1:2002 the lining far exceeded the 7 seconds of abrasion resistance required to gain CE level 2 certification. The dual-layer cross-knitted structure also makes it exceptionally strong against motion cut.